NEW: Fuel Type Label

Published on 3 June 2019

To determine which fuel is suitable for a vehicle, a new fuel type label has been developed with the consent of the European Union. This label is mandatory and affixed:

  • for newly produced vehicles, close to the fuel filler cap or filler flap;
  • in the instruction manual of the vehicle. With a number of new cars, they may also be entered in the digital instruction booklet that can be displayed via the infotainment system;
  • In all public service stations on the pumps themselves and on all filling guns;
  • At vehicle dealers.

The label is a visible tool to help the driver refuel with the correct fuel type. If the label of the vehicle matches the label on the pump, you can fill the correct fuel type.

The fuel labels are mandatory for new vehicles that from October 12, 2018 for the first time:

  • are placed on the market, or
  • will be registered.

The label for petrol types is round (the number after the E indicates the maximum percentage of bio-components that may be incorporated in it):

It is now possible to order this fuel label via A new label may be necessary if it is mistakenly damaged or removed, or has to be replaced due to repair work on the bodywork. The label must be applied to the vehicle near the fuel filler cap or filler flap. After ordering you will receive the label below: