What is a Certificate of Conformity (COC) for a vehicle?

The Certificate of Conformity (COC) is a document proving that the produced type of vehicle at the time of its production fulfils all the technical requirements needed for EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval (EC-WVTA). A vehicle with a COC is homologated for the EU and this certificate is valid in all EU Member States. This means that with a COC you can register your car anywhere in the EU.

Every Member State of the European Union is obliged to accept all vehicles accompanied with a COC and covered by a EC-WVTA granted by one of the European Union Member States (what is referred to as the European homologation). The COC document contains vehicle identification data (Make, Type-Variant-Version, Commercial Name, VIN), name of the vehicle manufacturer, number of the EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval (EC-WVTA), vehicle specifications/characteristics (dimensions, masses, capacities, colour) and official test results of Noise, Exhaust Emissions and Fuel Consumption testing according EU standards.