Storage folder for board documents – Type 2

Functional storage folder for board documents, such as owner’s manual, service manual, maintenance booklet, warranty booklet, navigation operation manual, troubleshooting information, car papers and registration document.






The storage folder for board documents fits perfectly in the vehicle compartment (dashboard / glovebox). The folder is not tied to a vehicle mark (so no brand logo exists), making it widely applicable!

The folder is made of black  stitched linen with inside transparent windows for visible business card storage and important contact information (eg phone numbers of emergency services and car replacement service).

The folder has one big compartment for storage of several booklets and is a must have for keeping the various board documents tidy.

Shipped exclusively on board documents.


The storage folder has one compartment which is suitable for storing manuals / booklets with a maximum dimension of 12.5 cm x 19.0 cm.


Shipping method:

The shipping method to be selected for delivery in the Netherlands is DHL Parcel (package).

€ 22.50
excl. VAT
Storage folder for board documents – Type 2
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