Certificate Of Conformity (COC) for Cadillac/Chevrolet/Hummer (GM-NAV) 2005> Model Year

To support the (re-)registration of European type approved vehicles in the EU

Available for:

Vehicles manufactured for the European (EU) market which are covered by a Wole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) or Small Series Type Approval (SSTA) as from 2005

Region to be applied:

All EU countries

Document delivery time:

1 – 3 weeks


Please click here for an example of the Certificate Of Conformity (COC).

Vehicle specifications may differ from one vehicle to another.

Therefore, the data on the example is not representing the exact specifications for a random vehicle of a similar model.

Required deliverables to be provided by applicant:

  • 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Please be aware that the VIN will be requested after placing the order!
  • Copy of existing vehicle registration documents
  • Copy of vehicle owner’s ID card (e.g. copy of passport or driver’s license)
  • Company’s VAT number (If ordered by a company with a registered VAT number in the EU)
  • Shipping and billing address
  • Phone number of shipping address

Important notes before ordering the document:

  • Certificates Of Conformity (COC’s) are only available for vehicles which are type approved according a European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA).
  • Before ordering a Certificate Of Conformity (COC) and to determine the applicable price, please verify if the vehicle is covered by a European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA). WVTA vehicles are recognizable by the European Whole VehicleType Approval Number mentioned on the manufacturer’s plate/label. Please find here more COC Information regarding European Whole Vehicle Type Approved models and to determine if for a vehicle a COC is available.
  • Please do not order a COC if it is not available for the vehicle concerned. In case a COC order would still be placed, while it is upfront known that a COC is not available, a 90% refund is applicable according our Terms & Conditions. Consequently, 90% of the paid amount will be refunded under these avoidable circumstances.
  • The COC content may vary depending on among others the vehicle type, model year, production date, WVTA Extension, variant code and version code.
  • The Certificate Of Conformity (COC) will be provided in the English language only. According EU legislation, the Certificate of Conformity does not have to be issued in a designated language (i.e. any official language of the EU Member States is allowed). The validity of the Certificate Of Conformity (COC), is therefore not limited to specific European countries which apply English as their official local language (e.g. UK, Ireland). Although the local authorities may request a translation of the Certificate Of Conformity (COC) in their own language, the Certificates Of Conformity (COC) itself has to be accepted in any language applied in the EU.
€ 135
excl. VAT
Certificate Of Conformity (COC) for Cadillac/Chevrolet/Hummer (GM-NAV) 2005> Model Year
Deliverables can be uploaded by applicant during the on-line ordering process or uploaded at a later stage (after the order has been completed). You will have to log in to your account, choose the relevant order and upload the required documents. Please ensure that all scans and/or pictures are showing visible and readable information. In case the dropdown menu below has not been filled in yet, we kindly ask you to fill it in with the correct vehicle data to add the document to your cart.