Entirely renewed VDOCS website

Published on 1 March 2017

The VDOCS website has been entirely renewed which results in an improved customer experience.
Customers will benefit from the entirely renewed website thanks to the following improvements and new features.

Improved functionalities:

  • Improved website load time as the new webpages and images loading more quickly
  • Improved site navigation due to new website platform and improved webpage interconnections
  • Improved checkout procedure thanks to shortened checkout time and simplified checkout procedure

New features:

  • Responsive website to display the webpages in a good readable way an all different type of hardware devices (pc’s, notebooks, smartphones, tablets)
  • Possible to upload the necessary deliverables (e.g. ID card, pictures of specific components) after the order has been placed
  • Application of SSL certificate to keep data exchange secure between the servers and browsers through encrypted connection protocols

Thanks to the new and improved website functionalities it will be even more convenient for vehicle owners to order through the VDOCS website specific documents for their vehicle such as a Certificate Of Conformity (COC), Anti-theft System Features Statement, Chassis Number (re-)stamping Authorization, Non-Conformity statement, Conversion authorization,  Engine Performance Statement, Engine Specifications Statement, European Approved Towing Device Compatability Statement, Exterior Dimensions Statement, Manufacturing Data Statement, National Conformity Statement, Non-European Approved Components Statement, Non-European Approved Head Lamps Statement, Flex Fuel Capability Statement, Original Installed Sidebars Statement, Seats Configuration Statement, Permissible Masses Statement or Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

Herewith we would like to inform you that, despite the Coronavirus COVID-19, KnowMotive and VDOCS are up and running. You can keep sending inquiries by e-mail and place your orders through www.vdocs.eu. The orders will be completed within the usual time frame.


Hiermit möchten wir Sie darüber informieren, dass KnowMotive und VDOCS trotz des Coronavirus COVID-19 betriebsbereit sind. Sie können weiterhin Anfragen per E-Mail senden und Ihre Bestellungen über www.vdocs.eu aufgeben. Die Bestellungen werden innerhalb des üblichen Zeitrahmens abgeschlossen.


Par la présente, nous tenons à vous informer que, malgré le Coronavirus COVID-19, KnowMotive et VDOCS sont opérationnels. Vous pouvez continuer à envoyer des demandes par e-mail et passer vos commandes via www.vdocs.eu. Les commandes seront finalisées dans le délai habituel.


Hierbij willen we u informeren dat, ondanks het Coronavirus COVID-19, KnowMotive en VDOCS actief zijn. U kunt uw vragen per e-mail blijven verzenden en uw bestellingen plaatsen via www.vdocs.eu. De bestellingen worden binnen het gebruikelijke tijdsbestek afgerond.